The Betting Cult



$TBC will launch its NFT collection – but this is no simple JPEG

– Mint Plan – 

➡️ Phase 1 – $TBC Holder / Whitelist Mint

Mint Price – 0.2 BNB
Starts – 19th November – 6 PM UTC
Ends – 20th November – 6 AM UTC

100 NFTs available for this phase, Any CHAD who holds 80,000,000 $TBC and above can mint during this phase.

➡️ Phase 2 – Public Mint

Mint Price – 0.3 BNB
Starts – 20th November – 8 AM UTC
Ends – 20th November – 5 PM UTC


The Betting Cult holders will be able to mint an NFT for 0.2BNB (public price will be 0.3BNB)

Each country in the World Cup will have a limited number of NFTs based on its odds of winning the World Cup

Example: Brazil will have 5 NFTs only, while Iran will have around 20.

The holders of the winning nation will receive a share of the JACKPOT which will be 50% of all NFT sales. Remaining funds from NFT minting will be split between the Bet Vault, Marketing & Weekly smaller competitions based on Teams and NFT ownership for the duration of the World Cup so even holding a lower team may win you prizes!

Example: 100BNB raised, and Brazil wins the WC. Assuming that there are 5 Brazil NFTs minted, each Brazil NFT holder will receive 20BNB (per NFT)


One NFT is XX BUSD + Gas Fees

Please switch your wallet to BSC and make sure to have funds for minting + gas fees.