Meta Legend Apes represent a collection of 5,000 legend apes categorized by level of rarity and generated with unique and rare elements . The legends are stored as ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on the IPFS with the most trusted hosting providers.


But why are apes so unique and fascinating?

First, their ability to walk upright, use their hands to grasp and manipulate objects, and exhibit a range of facial expressions is truly unique.

Apes are capable of problem-solving, tool use, and self-awareness. These traits had been carefully preserved in the Meta Legends, making them even more special.

Each Meta Legend species has its own unique behaviors and cultural traditions, much like human cultures, that are passed down through generations.

The social complexity of Meta Legends is fascinating. They lived in complex social groups and exhibited a range of emotions and relationships, including bonding, conflict, cooperation, and aggression.

The legend of the Apes lives on, inspiring future generations to cherish and protect these unique creatures.

Apes have evolved into brilliant beings, capable of using technology and participating in virtual communities. This evolution is the result of a genetic experiment gone wrong, which caused a small population of apes to evolve and rapidly surpass humans' intelligence.

As these evolved apes began to explore the virtual world, they quickly became fascinated with NFTs and the metaverse concept. They saw the potential for NFTs to allow them to preserve their unique identity and experiences in a permanent, digital form and the opportunity to use NFTs to create a new society free from the constraints and biases of the physical world.

The evolved apes came together and formed their metaverse community, where buying, selling, and trading NFTs representing their virtual experiences, possessions, and even bodies is possible.

Over time, this community has grown and matured. The evolved apes have become the most advanced and technologically savvy in the virtual world.

Their virtual experiences and possessions are highly inspired. They used their newfound power and influence to create a dream place where everyone is equal and respected, regardless of their origin or physical form.

Meta Legend NFT is an extraordinary and unique experience. These apes represent some of the most captivating and imaginative creatures in the universe and offer unparalleled exclusivity and rarity in NFTs.

With their intricate designs, powerful abilities, and rich backstories, Meta Legends are a window into a fantastical world that their owners can only experience. By owning a Meta Legend, you will gain a valuable piece for your collection and a source of inspiration and imagination that will bring joy and excitement to your virtual life for years to come.

And so, the story of the evolved apes in the NFT and metaverse universe continues as they explore the endless possibilities of this new world and push the boundaries of what is possible in this digital realm.

As a NFT holder of Meta Legendary Apes you will become a v.i.p member of NFT HALL OF FAME global NFT platform , the platform goal is to be an extremely utility-driven and plans to bring the ULTIMATE passive reward to its members, Members will accumulate rewards through ongoing cummunity NFT projects , rewards will be issued based on launch proceeds, secondary sales, marketplace fee percentages, airdrops, whitelists, tokenomics, and many, many more benefits that will be added by the NFT HALL OF FAME in the future , The NFT HALL OF FAME plans to develop a team that will offer NFT services, education, and awareness to the community , The NFT HALL OF FAME is community innovating and bringing launches to our community and the NFT world.

All NFT holders will divide ownership, launch proceeds, and secondary sales for all community NFT projects in NFT HALL OF FAME. They will also co-own their own NFT marketplace and share a portion of all marketplace sales fees. All rewards will be accessible through  wallet connections, staking, and future tokenomics on our marketplace. Holders will also have a hand in building NFT HALL OF FAME brand as it continues to grow and evolve. 

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will be home to all earnings that will be divided for each NFT owner.

There will be only 5000 limited edition , unique unrepeatable hand-drawned NFT’s , NFT’s are ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum network , Price of each NFT is TBD

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