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I’m Randy B. Founder of XTY World and a 10+ years Experienced Engineer with 100,000+ lines of codes. 

If you say “Specialty”

If you say “Competency”

If you say “Experience is the Best Teacher of All”

I’d just say I’m your right guy.


I Specialize In: 

  • NFT Minting Engines, dApps & Websites
  • NFTs & OpenSea Collections 
  • DApps & Smart Contracts  
  • Modern Interactive Website Design 
  • Web Design & Database Design 
  • Web & Mobile Apps

A Bit of My Work: 

  • Please see the top section
But first, the basic steps that you MUST KNOW

1. NFT Arts

If you are an artist or a photographer or someone similar, you already have your arts. 

But if you are planning on an NFT project with rarities of any kind, you might need the service of an artist or a graphic designer. They will produce you a base character or a layer and attributes so that together they will form arts with different and unique traits in each. Those are what we call rarities and the job of your artist or the graphic designer is to produce transparent layers as required. 

Sorry, I am an Engineer, a tech guy but I am not an artist or a graphic designer. So, I cannot help you there. 

I do not intend to poke around the domains that I do not know. Hope you understand. 

My job starts right after the job of the graphic designer or an artist.

2. NFT Generation

Now I am in action. 

But this step doesn’t apply for art or photography projects. And you will see why when you read below. 

This is a job of a tech guy but not a graphic designer as we use some codes 

  1. Combining the above layers into randomly generated NFTs. It could be 1k to 10k of them generally depending on your requirement. 
  2. Generating JSON or CSV files that include the data about each and every NFT. This data could be from NFT Names, randomized traits, weblinks of each NFT, DNA and so on. 

This step is VERY IMPORTANT as a wrong JSON file could ruin everything. 

Once these data are uploaded to the blockchain, those will be there forever and no one can edit it. I mean it’s the whole point of blockchain tech isn’t it? So let’s get it done the right way.

I can do this professionally in accordance with your long term plans.

3. NFT Minting Website, page, URL or Engine

After the above step now we have 1k, 3k, 5k or 10k images as per your requirement together with the JSON file. 

In this step, I 

  1. will upload all NFTs to the blockchain with their individual details aka meta data.
  2. will create a minting web page in web3 (say blockchain) so that you or your users can go there to mint them based on your mint conditions. Mint conditions are like I will allow only one NFT per wallet  or only 5 NFTs per wallet per day and most importantly the price of your NFT and so on.
  3. will create two minting pages for you, one for beauty and the other one with mobile and multi wallet connect. This is VERY IMPORTANT as most of the buyers use mobile devices these days. And not every tech guy in Fiverr does it. So please be careful. 
  4. will create MULTIPLE MINT PHASES for you. This is VERY IMPORTANT too, as you may get this idea later after even launching the project.  (It means for example you will be able to first allow your family to mint for free, then allow your friends to buy at a little price, then allow a special community (a whitelist) to buy at another special price and finally allow the public to mint at the highest price.) 
  5. would like to remind you that not every tech guy in Fiverr does multiple mint phases and whitelisting either. So please be careful when you buy.
  6. will not create a promotional website for you here that talks about your project to your potential buyers. Please see the next step for a solution. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Getting this step with mobile connect, multiple mint phases, white listing and so on is also very important as once the contracts are deployed, we do not have much options left to change them. So we need to get things right in one go.

That’s my job and I will do it professionally for you.

4. A Promotional Website

After the above step, now we have our minting page, URL or engine but it lacks the details about your project. 

Some projects do not require those but others do. Buyers need to know your future plan, roadmap, more colorful imagery and so on. 

If this sounds like your project, then you need this step. 

In this step, 

  1. I will create a stunning modern NFT Website for your project that will entice your prospective buyers.
  2. I generally select a platform to build after discussing with you but my main focus is on Webflow (please Chat Me before buying) as I have some special tricks in their platform to build stunning websites with integrations and some animations. 
  3. Please see the top section for some examples.
  4. With a platform like Webflow (please Chat Me before buying) it’s zero maintenance for the website owners and therefore no cost to run other than paying their bill which is not not expensive either. 
  5. I will embed or incorporate your minting dApp to our promotional website as and when you require.  
  6. Please Chat Me before buying Webflow or any other service as we need to make sure it fits your requirements.
  7. You will have to pay any platform directly for their service.

VERY IMPORTANT: You will see many expensive and cheap website building gigs in Fiverr. Some of them are in WordPress too. Yet, they all need hosting payments and most importantly to hire a developer when you need even a small update. In my solutions, it’s stunning, modern and cost effective.

5. A Professional Discord Server

Discord is the best tool for community building for any NFT or crypto project and it’s a MUST.

The best way to use a discord community is by making them engaged in it with each other and make  them invites others to do so too.

Second tool you need is an active Twitter account. In both cases, we need to reward our community for their contribution as free mint opportunities.  In general we reserve about 20 – 30% of the total supply of NFTs as community rewards.

An NFT discord server is NOT just another discord server as it should encourage members to invite others and keep them engaged in addition to being able to identify our NFT Holders and newcomers separately. Most of these things are done by BOTs that I would set up for you.

So it does 3 things mainly, 

  1. Members build the community by themselves
  2. They are active in the server and therefore other people see that our community is an active community. 
  3. We know who is active, who invites and who holds our NFTs.
  4. Members who hold our NFTs enjoy extra benefits and access to VIP areas of the server.  

People love rewards and our members do the above for NFT rewards and/or other rewards if any (like cash rewards, movie tickets and so on).

However, you may need to spend one hour per day or so to monitor the activity. 

6. NFT Rarity Tool or Bot

NFT Rarity tool, bot or a dApp is a very important addition to your project. The reason is when you launch your project, your serious investors or buyers will need to know which NFTs are rare and which are common and on that information, they can invest more wisely. 

Please see my about section for examples.  

7. Web3 App and more future plans

This step doesn’t apply to many but if you have a project idea that gives more benefits to your NFT holders after minting you are going to need another Web3 App other than the minting page.

Minting page has no use after all NFTs are minted, it’s just discarded. And then you need another web3 app to identify your NFT holders and provide them with extra benefits and services.

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: This is not an easy job as it sounds. You need a technical project manager to understand your requirements properly and then align the project in order including the necessary tech with long term goals. 

I do not think you should think twice to spend some dollars for this step as it is that important, important as if your future depends on it.

I am ready to undertake that responsibility as your NFT project consultant or Manager. 

Stunning NFT WEBSITES with or without NFT MINTING

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