Spaced Out NFT

This project is in complete control of the holders. Our main goal is to provide networking opportunities for investors, artists, developers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, influencers etc. This NFT is not all about the floor price, but for all different types of people of various industries being able to come together to create. Holders are encouraged to use their NFT for self branding in any way they please. Join us and Space Out into the world of Web3 business collaboration. Also, If holders come together and decide they would like to take the entire project in a certain direction this is possible as well!

Minting Opens in

On 26th of Dec, 2022 at 6PM GMT.

One Alien is 0.02 ETH + Gas Fees

Please switch your wallet to Ethereum Mainnet and make sure to have funds for minting + gas fees.


A popular reason people invest in cryptocurrency and NFTs are that they are decentralized assets. Although, if the creators of a project don’t listen to and plan with their holders there is not much one can do to utilize that asset. Spaced Out NFT offers an alternative: Full holder control of induvial assets and the collection. With only 1000 NFTs and assuming some will hold multiple, we are looking to create a strong group of multiple hundred collaborators in various fields who will all have the chance to get their voices heard within the community we will create.

The success of Spaced Out NFT will not depend on us, nor will it be measured by floor price. It is up to you, the holders to create content, businesses, products, and more with your NFT, or to help decide long and short-term decisions for the project. Of course, it would be ideal to see a high trading volume and activity in the project, but we mainly want to find our core holders and bring them together.

“I hope to see there are multiple forms of financial opportunities for our holders that stem from being a part of the Spaced Out community!” ~ Freddie Faustini (CEO)


Project CEO – Freddie Faustini

I am a young entrepreneur who has been interested in and invested in NFTs and Web3 for over a year now. The largest problems I’ve encountered across all my experience as an NFT investor are two things. One is that almost every collection is made with the sole purpose of raising revenue for the creators and not creating anything meaningful or of value. Two is that projects don’t allow the holders to take full control of the collection. With Spaced Out NFT, I plan to eliminate both issues for my investors.

A 10+ years experienced engineer with 100,000+ lines of code. Specialty: NFT minting dApps & websites | modern NFT & other websites | NFT creation & uploading | NFT OpenSea Collections | dApps & smart contracts.

Artist – Maryam

A talented professional graphic designer. Specialty: Creative LOGO design | website designing | face cartoon caricature portrait | flyer poster banners | menu designs | Client Satisfaction & High Quality work are my top priorities.


Phase 1

1. Public Mint Day for Spaced Out NFT

2. Launch of NFT on secondary market (OpenSea)

Phase 2

1. Create alpha chats on Twitter and Discord for discussing the future direction of the collection as well as a space where holders can come together to connect and provide each other with collaborations, services, ideas, etc..

2. Expand our brand and business through plans discussed in holder-led meetings

Phase 3

1. Core group of holders are now in control and are active in the community as well as creating together

2. Major strategic moves for Spaced Out as a company are put into full effect (of course, decided by the holders)

3. Reaching out to various types of content creators to form deals in which Spaced Out NFT holders will receive discounts to the creator’s paid subscription, courses, products, tutorials, merch etc.

Phase 4

1. 40% of royalties on sales will be returned to the holders

2. Mint #2 – 10,000 new pieces, free mint for holders of mint #1


When is the mint date?

12/26 6:00 PM GMT, 0.02 ETH for everyone.

What is the mint price?

0.02 ETH (Public)

How many allow list spots are there?


What are the Secondary Markets?

Rarible and Opensea


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